Celebrating Tourism Week across British Columbia

May 26th, 2021

Tourism Week is a seven-day coast to coast to coast event to recognize Canada’s tourism economy, and the impact it has on every community across the country, including those right here in BC.

Did you know prior to COVID-19, tourism in Canada was a $105 billion sector that employed over 1.8 million workers?

In British Columbia, the tourism industry is a key driver of economic success. Here is how the value of tourism breaks down, pre-pandemic, across the province:

  • Tourism generated a direct contribution to B.C.'s gross domestic product of $8.7 billion in 2019.

  • Tourism-related businesses employed nearly 150,000 British Columbians.

  • Tourism industry paid wages and salaries topped more than $6.1 billion.

  • There were nearly 20,000 tourism-related businesses in operation in 2019, an increase over the previous year.

Tourism makes significant contributions to our economy, and it enriches our lives. Tourism supports a greater diversity of amenities, such as museums and galleries, festival and sports events, transportation, dining and wine touring, parks and recreational facilities, and many other benefits that make life so good here in BC. When people stop travelling, the benefits of tourism stop, too. Most tourism businesses buy goods locally, hire locally, and retain their profits locally.

This year, to recognize and support the resilience of BC’s tourism industry through this unprecedented time, we encourage you to join TIAC’s pledge, but with a BC focus, asking all British Columbians to take the 2021 Tourism Pledge To Travel In BC, once restrictions are lifted. #BCTourismCounts

For more information, visit www.tourismcounts.ca