Guest Policies

For enquiries after an event please contact 604-669-2300 or

The safety and security of everyone at BC Place is our top priority. BC Place works with its clients, as well as local and national security agencies, to develop best-practice security policies and procedures at all events in the stadium. We appreciate your support for our ongoing efforts to provide a safe and entertaining environment for every one of our guests.


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For Whitecaps FC matches, please refer to the MLS Fan Code of Conduct here.

If you experience or witness any forms of unacceptable behaviour, please bring your concerns to the attention of staff. Call Guest Services at 604-661-3434 or email:

For support outside event times, contact BC Place at 604-669-2300 or


Guests in possession of any illegal items will be refused entry and/or removed from the venue. The Guest will be required to surrender the illegal to BC Place Security and/or relevant authorities, and may be subject to arrest by law enforcement.

If a banned / prohibited (legal) item is discovered during the search of a guest, the guest will be provided the opportunity to:

  • Check the item at Bag Check (if available during the event)
  • Return it to their vehicle, hotel room, residence, etc
  • Willingly surrender item to BC Place Security for disposal


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To help ensure the safety and security of everyone at BC Place, guests entering the venue will be required to participate in a screening procedure which will include the use of a metal detector. Failure to participate in a screening procedure will result in denial of entry.

Guests are asked to observe the following tips for a smooth entry:

  • Please have your ticket ready to scan upon entry. Ensure electronic tickets are downloaded to your mobile device and available to scan prior to entry.
  • Minimize the number of personal items in your possession.
  • Leave bags at home if possible. Bags larger than 12”x 12”x 6” are not permitted. Permitted bags will be subject to search upon entry.
  • Allow yourself extra time for entry to the venue, and observe the signage and direction of venue staff.
  • At entry, place objects such as umbrellas, purses, permitted bags or cameras on the table prior to passing through the metal detector.
  • NOTE: Personal items such as mobile phones, keys, wallets and coins, watches, belts, shoes or jackets DO NOT need to be removed unless requested by venue staff.
  • After walking through the metal detector, guests are free to collect their belongings on the table.
  • If the metal detector is activated, guests will be required to participate in a secondary screening prior to entering and this may slow your access to the venue.


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Costumes (including items that may be deemed potentially hazardous to other guests) may be subject to enhanced inspection upon entry.

Costume masks are permitted only to be worn while in your assigned seat. Costume masks cannot be worn on the concourse or common areas.

ELECTRONIC DATA DEVICES (Laptops, Tablets, etc.)

For ease of access, guests are encouraged not to bring large electronic devices such as laptops and tablets to the stadium. Laptops and small laptop sleeves, as well as tablets and tablet cases measuring less than 12”x12”x6” are permitted, however, all are subject to inspection prior to entry. Electronic devices may be required to be turned on to demonstrate the device is not compromised, however no personal information or data will be accessed by BC Place.

See Bag Policy for additional information.


BC Place and Sodexo Live! staff work hard to promote safe and responsible consumption of alcoholic beverages. The venue reserves the right to refuse alcohol service to any guest. All guests who appear under the age of 30 will be required to show valid ID. Guests serving alcohol to minors will be subject to arrest. Beer will be served to a maximum of 24 oz. per person, per transaction.

Any guest who attempts to conceal alcohol on entry, prior to being searched by BC Place Security, will be denied entry. Guests who surrender alcohol to BC Place Security prior to being searched will be permitted to enter.

If at any time a guest is deemed to be impaired by alcohol or drugs, the guest will be evicted or denied entry, and may be referred to the relevant authorities.


BC Place Stadium is a non-smoking facility and there are no designated smoking areas at BC Place. There are no in and out privileges once inside BC Place except for emergency or medical purposes. Exceptions may be made for guests who show a valid Medical Document Authorizing the use of Cannabis for Medical Purposes under the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations from Health Canada.

Smoking of any kind, and the use of alternative smoking devices (electronic or vapor), is not permitted on BC Place property, including the exterior concourses and plazas. Smoking, or the use of alternative smoking devices, on BC Place property will result in eviction from BC Place without refund. 

Consumption or possession of illegal drugs is prohibited on BC Place property. Consumption of smokeless marijuana is prohibited on BC Place property. Outside food and beverages, including products which include cannabis, are not permitted.


BC Place is pleased to offer mobile phone charging stations throughout the venue so guests can charge their phones in a secure manner.  Charging stations are located throughout the venue on a first come, first served basis.

To access these resources while attending an event at BC Place, guests will be able to lock their device into the charging station and will be able to retrieve their device using a unique pin number.