Northern Lights Display: June 2024

June 1st, 2024

BC Place is recognized around the world as a landmark of Vancouver’s skyline and a place of pride for all British Columbians. Besides enhancing the overall guest experience during events, the stadium’s Northern Lights Display is used to amplify important causes upon request from the community.

Below is the complete Northern Lights Display schedule for June (subject to change).

June 1: blue for Deafblind Awareness Month
June 2: purple for ALS Awareness Month
June 4: blue, cyan, red, & orange for Vancouver Startup Week
June 5: purple for Hidradenitis Suppurativa Awareness Week
June 6: purple for Spinal CSF Leak Awareness Week
June 7: green for BGC Club Day
June 8, 9, 11: confetti show for 2024 graduates
June 10: blue & orange for Action Anxiety Day
June 12: red for National Blood Donor Week
June 13: yellow for International Albinism Awareness Day
June 14: purple for World Elder Abuse Awareness Day (June 15)
June 17: yellow, white, & black for Pollinator Week
June 19: birthday candles for BC Place anniversary
June 20: purple for World Migraine Awareness Day (June 20)
June 21: teal, orange, & red for National Indigenous Peoples Day
June 23: purple & white for XLH Awareness Day
June 25: purple for World Vitiligo Day
June 26: multicolour show for Canadian Multiculturalism Day (June 27)
June 28: rainbow for Pride Month (anniversary of Stonewall Riots)