Employee Spotlight: Jamie Moore, Senior Manager of Energy & Sustainability

October 21st, 2019

Each month, our "Employee Spotlight" series showcases the dedicated British Columbians working behind-the-scenes at Canada’s premier stadium. This month, we sat down with Jamie Moore, the Senior Manager of Energy & Sustainability for PavCo, which operates both BC Place and the Vancouver Convention Centre.

Jamie is responsible for examining the day-to-day operations of the facility and finding ways to conserve energy, as well as implementing energy projects that align with PavCo's short and long term environmental stewardship goals.

BC Place is a unique place to work. What initially drew you to this position?

"As an engineer, there are a lot of sustainability projects to do here and I’m a big sports fan so working in a stadium is cool."

What are some of the challenges you encounter in your role?

"The biggest challenge is that the stadium is like no other building. If you look at the energy profile of the stadium, it’s so intermittent because of the variety of events. Looking at a traditional commercial or residential building, the energy profile and peak periods are very well defined. It’s very consistent. For us, it’s the inverse. When we’re in event mode, everything comes online. Then day-to-day, it falls back down and that’s our baseline. For a large event, the energy demand is several times higher than the baseline energy we use day-to-day so that’s quite unique. I’ve never come across another facility like ours. Going forward it’s key that we invest in sustainable technology which is dynamic and can keep up with our ever-changing energy loads."

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

"My favourite part of the job is on the projects side; I find it exciting trying to put modern technology in here. There are a lot of challenges but it’s also very interesting. It's rewarding to see a project like the field of play lighting upgrade come together. Not only are there energy saving benefits behind it but the technology allows us to bring the facility forward and keep it at a world-class level."

The Field of Play Lighting Upgrade was completed earlier this year. Tell us about that project?

"The old Field of Play (FOP) lighting system had a number of challenges, including areas of reduced or inconsistent lighting quality, high energy usage and maintenance costs, limited functionality compared to other world class facilities, and difficulty sourcing metal-halide bulbs for a system at the end of its life. The new LED lighting system that was completed earlier year provides more than 50% energy savings over the old system, while enhancing fan experience and production capabilities."

Do you have a favourite event at the stadium?

"I enjoy Canada Sevens. It’s the biggest event of the year for us. March is also when our fiscal year closes so it's a very busy time of year, on and off the field. We know that every project has to be ready for Sevens."

What is something the public may not know about the team at BC Place?

"Whether it's environmental stewardship or community engagement and supporting social enterprises, there is so much unseen work that goes on to establish and build those relationships. Speaking from an environmental perspective, our energy savings have increased significantly in the past few years and a huge part of that is everyone behind the scenes working together to move the facility in the right direction. It truly is a team effort."

To learn more or to join the team at BC Place, visit our Careers Page.