BC Place welcomes first responders for technical rescue training

August 21st, 2019

Local first responders with the Vancouver Fire Rescue Services Technical Rescue Team will be on site at BC Place Stadium for several training sessions during the month of August. The training scenarios are designed to ensure first responders are familiarized with BC Place in the event of emergency or disaster, and are trained with the unique skills, techniques and protocols required to respond to a wide range of challenging situations in Vancouver and across British Columbia. As the largest stadium in Western Canada, BC Place is pleased to facilitate this important training exercise.

"BC Place has been an instrumental partner in providing our team an ongoing opportunity to refine and develop the technical skills that we rely on when responding to any emergency in the City we serve," said Clint Clarke, Acting Training Officer/Technical Rescue/Special Operations with Vancouver Fire and Rescue Services.

As a public service, Vancouver Fire Rescue Services is committed to the health and safety of their team and the community, while providing world class fire and rescue services. As part of BC Place’s commitment to developing and supporting our local communities, the training site is being provided to the Vancouver Fire Rescue Services Technical Rescue Team for no cost. The stadium is proud to support the incredible work the Vancouver Fire Rescue Services Technical Rescue Team, as well as all first responders, do on behalf of all British Columbians.