SCAN, ORDER, EAT! with Ready In-Seat Ordering

September 6th, 2018

BC Place and Centerplate are excited to introduce the next level of in-seat food and beverage service for fans in the 1,300-seat premium Club Seat area!

Ready In-Seat Ordering allows fans within the Club Seat section at BC Place to order food and drink right to their seat using their own mobile device. Simply SCAN the code on your armrest, ORDER from your mobile device, then EAT!

Guests can browse the full Club Lounge menu, order food and drink items using the virtual cart, and submit payment without registering or downloading an app – it’s ready when you are!

Orders are sent straight to the nearest Club Lounge kitchen where the culinary team will prepare your order and deliver your food & drinks right to your seat!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ready In-Seat Ordering?

Ready In-Seat Ordering allows fans at BC Place to order food and drinks right to their seat using their mobile device - without the need to download apps or register for an account. Each seat with Ready In-Seat Service is uniquely coded with a QR code that ensures orders are delivered to the right seat.

Who Can Use Ready In-Seat Ordering at BC Place?

Any guest seated within the Ready In-Seat service area (currently Club Seats and Whitecaps FC Pitchside Club sections) who has a Smart Phone with internet connectivity can access the Ready In-Seat Ordering site to browse the menu and place an order.

When is Read In-Seat Ordering available to use?

Ready In-Seat service is available during Whitecaps FC matches and BC Lions games from the time gates are open, until the conclusion of regular food and beverage service. The service may not be available for certain events.

How do guests get a receipt of payment?

Guests will have the option to enter an email address in order to receive a digital copy of their receipt.

What if the guest scans the wrong seat?

If a guest scans the wrong seat, they can choose to scan the correct seat to refresh the process, or manually select their seat number.

What if the guest moves after they have ordered?

All orders are processed with the NAME and SEAT NUMBER of the guest on the order chit. The Centerplate staff delivering the order will quickly verify that the name on the order matches the name of the guest upon delivery.

A guest tapped their phone against the code, but nothing happened. Why?

Tapping a phone against the QR code will only work for Android users who have NFC enabled. Guests can activate the NFC feature in their device settings.

What if the guest is seeing a message that says “Camera Inaccessible”?

In order to scan the QR code with their camera, the guest has to allow access to their camera when they first try to scan the code. If the guest is seeing this message, it is because they did not tap the “Allow” button when they were prompted for access. The guest can either manually select their seat number, or navigate back to and hit the ‘Scan QR Code Now’ button again. The guest should be asked to permit camera access again. From here they can click “Allow” and proceed with scanning.

What does it mean if a guest is seeing an error that says “Couldn’t Identify Seat Number”?

If a guest sees this error, it means the seat has not been properly mapped to the QR code on the seat handle. BC Place IT staff will be available on site to re-map the seat and make sure the code is working.